Just one more episode

Interactive stories that
make running fun -
one episode at a time

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Just one more episode

Runtales is so addictive that you'll actually WANT to run.

Thrilling stories

The stories in Runtales are pace-changing page-turners. Designed to make you run that extra mile.

Adjusts to you

Are you just starting running? Or are you a seasoned runner? Either way, there's a challenge awaiting you.

Makes you fit

Runtales makes running fun, which makes it easier for you to enjoy exercising and get in better shape.

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What's the story?

You are the hero in tales from foreign lands and forgotten times. Someone is after you, and you have to figure out why.

Can you outrun the bad guys?

Listen to an example from the game

Challenge yourself

You'll encounter choices to slow down
or speed up - it's up to you.

We also give you the numbers

The stories are entertaining. But we know you also want the stats.

Every move counts

Precise and fast positioning making every move
count, giving you detailed information.

Compare to friends

See how you fare against your friends and foes.

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